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    20 Things Dare Squared

    I did a little more brainstorming.

    20 things I have used to make an art journal page:

    1. clear marker
    2. stamped fabric
    3. a telephone directory
    4. a ticket to the Texas State Fair
    5. fruit stickers
    6. a big arrow
    7. kid-painted acrylic backgrounds
    8. metro tickets
    9. a grocery list
    10. thin scraps of scrapbook paper
    11. tissue paper
    12. ground rose petals
    13. jimmy buffett lyrics
    14. fiber paste
    15. a bank statement
    16. $100 bill wrapper
    17. a chopstick
    18. wine cork stampings
    19. bubble wrap stamps

    In the comments, list up to 20 things you have used to create an art journal page, numbering each idea. The catch is that you can't repeat anyone's ideas!

    Can we generate 1000 ideas together (just 980 to go)?


    P.S. As of today, we have come up with 132 things never used in our art journals.

    I'm thinking this list will be easier!

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    Reader Comments (16)

    Ditto on the Buffett lyrics! Jimmy's provided the soundtrack to most of my life.
    Ok, here's my 20:

    1 Eyelash yarn gooped down with gesso and painted (to make vines)
    2 Fun foam stars decorated with gel pens
    3 warning labels from hubby's nitro tabs
    4 Torn scraps of mulberry paper (ultimate favorite for everything from tree stumps to faux quilt)
    5 paper towel and watersoluble marker for clouds
    6 foil star stickers for "jewelry"
    7 hand carved cartoonish stamp of myself
    8 homemade alcohol ink (sharpie+ alcohol)
    9 indoor/outdoor gloss acrylic paint (super shiny and smooth)
    10 backing paper from stickers (neat resist effects)
    11 measuring tape (diet page)
    12 my house number (reoccurring theme and my symbol for happiness)
    13 painted tracing paper (cool texture)
    14 digital stamps
    15 goofy notes my sister leaves in my door
    16 punchinella
    17 strips of security envelopes
    18 green and blue painters tape
    19 my poetry
    20 white-out pen

    05.21.2010 | Unregistered CommenterAmy Bowers

    Love your site very inspiring!!!

    05.21.2010 | Unregistered CommenterOphelia

    Amy, great creative list. I like the concept of warning labels and dire consequences, and personal notes from special people.... thank you for adding 20 things!

    Ophelia, Thank you for saying hello, nice to hear from you.

    Dawn, You know I adore cross-references, and you've done a brilliant job. Ooh, prescriptions, business cards, artwork created by kids, all in all a solid list of great ideas. Thanks!


    05.21.2010 | Registered Commentergypsy

    1. Tea Envelopes
    2. wrapping paper
    3.Quilt store receipt
    4. Postage stamps- current its s sticker right?
    5. Return address from business envelope tag form conference
    7. Vendor business cards
    8.Clipped list of appointments for the day- names clipped off
    9.Drawing from church school hand out
    10. Tag from reusable Grocery bag
    11.chipboard letters
    12 ribbon
    13 fabric
    14Map from housing development behind us - frowny face here
    15. Scout grocery list by son
    16. page from Calendar of the day
    17.Chocolate Bar wrapper
    18. Yarn Wrapper
    19. amazon .com invoice
    20. signature of child
    21. Foil from Dove Chocolate with Quote
    22. Magazine clipping and Quotes

    The options are endless. The everyday items will be priceless in the future. " do you remember when . . ."
    I Always enjoy stopping by.

    05.22.2010 | Unregistered CommenterCarol

    Carol, Lots of creative additions to our developing list! A conference name tag strikes me as a really cool idea (if only I had any conferences to attend) and wrapping paper could really add some funky patterns to your pages!


    05.22.2010 | Registered Commentergypsy

    I love this and the other 20 things series! It gives you a fab prompt, as it is super open to use how you wish.

    1.My own doodles glued in
    2.bubblegum wrappers
    3.flower stickers
    4. fluid watercolours old key
    6.cinema ticket
    7. notes taken whilst watching a tv programm about space
    9.handmade paper
    10.old music notes
    11. a flower from my garden
    12.wrapping paper
    13. stamps from my collection
    15. cellotape transferes
    16. trees cut from paper altered image
    18.a drawing of my doc martens
    19.palette paper( use it to mix on and then cut out and glue in as patterned paper)
    20.plastic fork

    makealife, Lace would be a lovely item to stamp through! Beads.... all sorts of fun. And doodles! Lots of goodies on your list. Thank you for adding your ideas to our growing list.

    I've been art journaling all day - painting backgrounds and collaging - and all sorts of new ideas are running through my mind. I love this creative brainstorming.

    ---> Everyone, I love all of the twists on ideas, keep em coming! I'm excluding from the running total the ideas that are previously listed in some format, such as the various types of candy wrappers. The total is highly unscientific and unauditable.


    05.23.2010 | Registered Commentergypsy

    Ooh, lists are fun! It's funny no one listed the basics...

    1. Clear vinyl
    2. A picture of a turkey
    3. Pictures of past presidents
    4. Acrylic paint
    5. Paint Pens
    6. Watercolors
    7. Rolled up newspaper
    8. Junk mail
    9. Past due bill notices
    10. Spray paint
    11. Staples
    12. Cut up blue jeans
    13. Manila file folders
    14. Coffee
    15. Rum
    16. Artificial spray snow
    17. Sand
    18. Hole punch dots
    19. Confetti
    20. Hand rolled paper beads

    and three more to make up for the "basics"

    21. Empty toilet paper rolls
    22. Wax paper
    23. GLITTER!

    There's a comprehensive demo on my youtube channel

    Blade, So funny when the obvious is overlooked. I love to staple things like fabric or thick paper to my pages, and what a cool idea to use hole punch dots. I'll assume the rum is somehow used in creating the page, gives a new meaning to the words "alcohol inks." Resourceful, you are.


    05.23.2010 | Registered Commentergypsy

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