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    Grid Collage {Fast Forward}

    After you "finish" an art journal page you can continue to allow it to evolve even years later. Any consideration that the page is finished can be changed at any time. As long as there are blank pages to fill and unfinished pages, anything else in the journal is fair game for paint, stitching, words, etc. So to clarify, I don't go back to journals that I feel are truly finished and I've moved on. But if a journal is still in-progress and I am opening it to art journal, all of the other pages are available. Even if they've been photographed and shared and blogged and whatever! Remember.... NO RULES.

    So here's the grid from Tangent #4, from the Art Journaling Tangents & Tactics Series. It actually took two major twists before it was officially finished. 

    First twist. Here's the left page after adding freestyle stitching a few months after doing the original page. A bunch of the pages in this altered book {called the Noticing Journal} ultimately fell out and so I was able to use the machine to sew on them. If you are working in a bound journal you can still stitch the edges of a page or hand-stitch or hand-embroider your page.

    Second Twist. Months after adding stitching, I painted a girl and words to the pages with high flow acrylics. Why? I felt like it! I was not feeling well at that time and exhausted and having trouble keeping my thoughts clear... the words on the right say, "but i cannot focus..."

    I dare you today, to take a risk in your journal. I believe that taking risks in your work leads to learning experiences.

     DISCLAIMER: I cannot promise that you will like the results. There is a strong chance that you will mourn the beautiful page underneath and regret your steps or alterations, your layer of paint. Remember not to get too married to your results. Too attached. 

    "Only those who will risk going too far
    can possibly find out how far one can go."
    T. S. Eliot

    Sometimes experiments turn out muddy, gloppy messes! And sometimes you get the biggest surprise of your creative life! This is the way that art journaling works. That's what makes art journaling so different and unique ➸ the goal is not to wind up with a perfect end result but to "work" in your journal.


    Tangent № 04: Grid Collage

    We continue our fresh, shiny new Art Journal Tangents & Tactics Series by creating a collage in the form of a grid. To learn about how the series works, see the introduction!

    There are TWO videos for this Tangent. There's also a full-color PDF with instructions!

    In the first video, I share a very easy peasy way to create a background with fluid acrylic paint by simply mixing the paints as I go, on the paper, rather than on the palette. The result is a very random hodge podge of colors and color combinations.

    Remember that it's the DOING that matters. Use colors that you enjoy! You aren't investing in interior decorating services but rather choosing colors for a page in your journal. You will see that the colors in my grid are strange and definitely weren't selected from Martha Stewart's Panama Collection. Or colors from the Gregorian Arc Color Wheel. Don't bother googling any of that as it's all made up. 

    In the second video, I walk through creating the grid and ramble on about all that.

    Watch the first video here or pop over to Vimeo. {7 minutes}

    You can hear me do the play-by-play in both videos with a little music at the beginning. 

    Watch the first video here or pop over to Vimeo. {17 minutes}


    Golden fluid acrylics
    Neocolor I or II wax crayons
    Images from magazines, paper ephemera
    Adhesive {Fluid Matte Medium or Mod Podge}
    Brush for adhesive, brush for acrylics, scissors

    Be sure to grab the full-color PDF with instructions from the tutorial section of the blog.

    Plus! See these related posts... Grid Collage {Fast Forward} and Grid Collage {Expansion Pack}.

    When you create your own collaged page for Tangent № 04, pop back to this post and share your work in the link-love below! You can link to a specific blog post {please, not your home page} or a specific photograph at flickr. If you are posting to instagram or twitter, you can use hashtag #dyajt.


    Link-Love for Tangent № 04: Grid Collage

    Spread the word!

    If you like the tutorial, please share a link on twitter, FB or your blog. The series is freecontributions to the tip jar are very much appreciated and will drive future video tutorials for this art journaling series.


    Tangent № 3: Accordion Books

    We continue our fresh, shiny new Art Journal Tangents & Tactics Series by creating a fun folded book from a manila folder. To learn about how the series works, see the introduction!

    There are TWO videos for this Tangent. In the first, I share a bunch of the accordion books I have created over the years. In the second video, I show you how to create an accordion book of your own!

    Video #1: Watch the video below or pop over to Vimeo to watch. {4 minutes}

    Video #2: Watch the video below or pop over to Vimeo to watch. {11 minutes}

    Materials: Manila folder, paper ephemera, magazine clippings, found text, adhesive, scissors, neocolor I or II wax crayons. Optional materials include a stencil, a thin brush and heavy body acrylic paint.

    Support free stuff!

    Maybe that sounds kooky, but developing all of this *free* stuff isn't really free for me in terms of time & energy. So if you are finding value in this series, if it sparks YOUR creative mind, contributions to the TIP JAR are appreciated. The tip jar is at the top right side of the blog. Reader support will drive future video tutorials for this series. 

    Here's another accordion book, this one to house textured index cards. 

    Link-Love for Tangent № 03: Accordion Book

    When you create your own accordion book for Tangent № 03, pop back to this post and share your work in the link-love below! You can link to a specific blog post {please, not your home page} or a specific photograph at flickr. If you are posting to instagram or twitter, you can use hashtag #dyajt.


    Grungy Flowery Grid

    I'm doing a guest post at Robin Mead's blog today! There's a video tutorial where I share how to create this page of flowery grungy flowers on a sea of blue acrylic paint.

    If you want to try this technique, grab your heavy body acrylic paint and a stack of magazines and go on a treasure hunt for a variety of flowery images, or any theme you wish. 



    “Please, don't worry so much. Because in the end, none of us have very long on this Earth. Life is fleeting. And if you're ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky when the stars are strung across the velvety night. And when a shooting star streaks through the blackness, turning night into day... make a wish and think of me. Make your life spectacular.” ~ Robin Williams in the movie Dead Poets Society

    I hope that this will be the turning point, that we may see an abundance of help and acceptance for those going through depression. Robin Williams made the world more funny and sparkly and interesting. He made us laugh and cry all at once. 


    Stitched Texture Printing Escapades

    It's really and truly all about the process for me. And this was good messy fun.

    Printmaking experiments with surprising results....

    Click to read more ...


    Index-Card-a-Day Wrap-Up!

    A final note of THANK YOU to all of the folks that participated in the 2014 ICAD challenge! I hope that you will continue the trend and set aside a bit of time each day for art. It is so very important.

    Non-stop creative amazingness. 

    There is so much behind-the-scenes acrobatics and logistics involved in keeping the index-card-a-day challenge running smoothly each year. It's very intensive and sometimes I question my sanity in attempting to pull this off each summer! I have received so many thank-you notes and appreciate knowing that the challenge has made a difference in your life. I've answered about 75% of your notes, and will do my best to respond to every note. Knowing how you feel about the blog and the challenge help immensely {and keep me on track, headed forward}.

    My goal is to keep the challenge free.

    But a free challenge takes an abundance of work here at Daisy Yellow! If you find value at the blog, you can help support Daisy Yellow initiatives like the June & July Index-Card-a-Day Challenge, the Daily Paper Prompts {this link goes to the brand new index page for the 61 prompts, with a new introduction}, the August Art Journaling Tangents & Tactics series and the September Color Fun Challenge {details in a few days} by purchasing a Zine or Art Journal Prompt cards from my Etsy shop, or by contributing to my "tip jar" at the top right side of the blog.


    Orange Sherbet Kick-Start

    As I described earlier this month, I collect words and create prompt cards from those words. So I thought that you would like to see how you can use Daisy Yellow prompt cards as a kick-start for your art. 

    You might be curious about my little art journal prompt cards. So I created an index card using the Sepia card, which is {part of Pack #02}. Here's the play-by-play.

    I put the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 in random order 3-2-1-4-5.

    In the world of BINGO, that is ➸ B-3  I-2  N-1  G-4  O-5

    Prompt = Adverb + Edge + Orange Sherbet + Imaginary City + Doodles Galore

    I sat at the sewing machine with the prompt card to my left and keyed in on the "orange sherbet" color. I remembered that was my mother's favorite flavor and she used to eat her sherbet with pretzels! I liked the idea of orange sherbet as the start of a color palette and looked through my scraps-o-paper on a treasure hunt! The leaf-imprinted watercolor paper was in my paper stash from a project a few years ago. I started thinking along the lines of [orange sherbet] + green. The word [edge] inspired me to frame the leaf imprint with tiny papers. Next I asked DD14 to check through my basket of found words for an [adverb] and she found "responsibly" and "completely" {which was later covered up}... and "honestly" too. To comprehend the [imaginary city] I found my Tokyo metro maps and thought that I could interpret subways as imaginary cities. Or cities within cities. Cities underneath cities. Anyhow, I digress. So I included two little bits from metro maps as part of the framed edge. Little mappy bits. For [doodles galore] I could have drawn swirlies with a black permanent marker but instead found a bold, graphical zigzag pattern in my stash. 

    I created something unique and fun... what will you create with your prompt cards? Art journal prompt cards are available in my Etsy shop! 

    And there's a sale on Pack #109-112 {20 prompt cards} for $15, regularly $18. A perfect companion to Zine #11, which is on sale for $5. Sale ends August 15th!

    I wanted to share some customer comments!

    "Wow! These cards are super. The artwork is unique and vibrant. Love the quality of the cards and the little boxes that hold them."
    "Love these cards!! They are so beautiful & give me so much inspiration!!"

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