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Daisy Journal: Believe

"To know that we know what we know,
and to know that we do not know
what we do not know,
that is true knowledge."
~ Nicolaus Copernicus

front cover

my daughter stitched the mandala and made the black ATC used on these pages

a better look at the stitched mandala, cool!

bits of writing space on each page

covers with book open, a quirky quilted look

These cute Daisy journals (official name, effective today) take about 3 hours to sew, cutting ephemera and paper as I go.

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Reader Comments (4)

These are soooo sweet! I love all the bits and pieces that feel puzzle like - like our days. You have lovely design aesthetic!

10.11.2010 | Unregistered CommenterEffy

What a fantastic job your daughter has done on this pretty Daisy Journal. I hope that your daughter enjoyed herself making this beautiful book. She has certainly inherited your creativity talent. I'd really like to have a go at one of these myself with my daughter. It's only a week and a half until the holidays when there will be plenty of time to have fun having a go.

10.11.2010 | Unregistered CommenterSu Ward

Effy, I like the comparison to a puzzle, I can see that, but I hadn't seen it before! And my dear you have made my day with your comments (blushing).

Su, Thank you for your sweet words!!! But I must tell - I did this journal and my daughter did the Rosebud journal at Yes, her creativity constantly amazes me! She did a mini-journal the other day which I haven't yet posted, but I think she is moving on to her halloween costume.

~ Tammy

10.11.2010 | Registered Commentergypsy

Oooh, so yummy! I adore the colors here and all the lovely textures. The stitching adds so much, it's making me wish I has the slightest clue how to use my sewing machine! :)

10.11.2010 | Unregistered CommenterBetsi Goutal

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