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    Daisy Yellow Zine {Issue #12}

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    Zine #12

    20 pages: ♥ Creative Hesitation ♥ The Magical Spaces: Surprises Within Your Art ♥ Finding the Muse in Your Unfinished Pages {by Patricia Dattoma of Magenta Matters} ♥ Photography & Idea Generation ♥ Tips for Conquering an Art Journal Page, or an Entire Journal ♥ Print & Color Page: Mandala ♥ 6 Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts

    ➸ Issues #3 through #12 are available in the Etsy Shop.

    Jam packed with ideas + inspiration. No Ads. Great content. Totally digital. Super colorful. 

    At Etsy you can purchase the Zine in sets {Zines 3-4, Zines 5-8, Zines 9-12} via instant DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. After payment is sorted out via Etsy, the digital Zines in full color PDF format are immediately available for download. The Zine files are in standard PDF format. You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

    Zines are non-refundable. Content including format, ideas, photography, artwork & imagery ©2011-2014 Tammy Garcia. Please do not forward, distribute or photocopy any portion except for your personal use. 


    What are people saying about the Daisy Yellow Zine???

    Hanna's rave review of the DY st|ART zine.

    Stephanie's rave review on the Rhodia site.

    "Great Zine, love it so many useful ideas."

    "So much inspiration! I loved every word."

    "Again, Tammy has blown us all away with her thoughtfulness, design style and delivery of wonderful information, hints & tips and prompts."

    "Very inspiring Zine with lots of great information."

    "These zines are beautiful! I love them!"

    "Well priced item with excellent content. Speedy PDF delivery."
    "I love this series of Zines. The color cheers me up; the new techniques and prompts push me to grow. I will always be a groupie!"
    "Very colorful and inspiring, lots of good ideas."
    "As always, Tammy's 'zines are great!"
    "Inspiring and your website is always first on my list for 'go to' anything! thank you for keeping us warm with inspiration as we await Spring!"
    "Finally printed it off today - brillant ideas here - beautifully presented.22 pages of Artistic and Journalling inspiration. Thanks SOOOOOO much Tammy for your creative input into my life in this way!" "So beautiful, creative, and inspiring! Daisy Yellow zines are just the thing to wake up your tired, dusty muse!"
    "As always the zine is wonderful!!!"
    "LOVE this colorful, inspiration-packed zine VERY much! Wonderful and interactive transaction. Highly recommend! <3"
    "I love these! I have all 10 of the zines - so fun and inspiring!"
    "So much inspiration in one zine. Will purchase from again!"
    "As with other Daisy Yellow Zines I have purchased, there is so much information and so many ideas here. While there is a great deal on http://daisyyellow.squarespace.com, Tammy doesn't duplicate... what you get in the Zine is not posted elsewhere. Well worth the $"
    "The pdf delivery was great. The zine was awesome. Gave me some ideas for my own projects. I'll be watching for the next one."
    "I love the Zine. It has lots of great ideas, articles and activities to get me started. I highly recommend these Zines. I am just entering the wonderful world of art and now have a place to begin, tons of things to learn and activities to do. Awesome!"
    "I love this! Practical information presented in a very creative way. Very inspirational!"
    "Wonderful and fast download! Thank you!"
    "Thank you love it! Awesomeness!"
    "Tammy's zines are great fun, filled with ideas and projects, all backed up with Tammy's experience and energy. If you want art to be fun again, this is the place to go. I get excited every time she comes out with a new one. Thank you Tammy!"
    "Bright, colorful, and inspirational! Fun zine!"
    "Great, great zine! So glad I discovered it!! Will probably buy them all!"
    "WONDERFUL!!!!! LOVE her zines.... I have the whole set!!!"
    "I love these! Beautiful to look at and loads of inspiration!"

    ➸ Issues #3 - #12 are available in the Etsy Shop.

    ZINE ISSUE #11 {June 2014}

    18 pages: Find a Boring Spot ♥ Stapled Collage {by paper fanatic Lauren Bergold} ♥ Index Card Love ♥ The Unfinished Journal ♥ Illustrated Flash Fiction ♥ Nurture Creative Habits with a Field Journal ♥ Nine (9) Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts

    ZINE ISSUE #10 {January 2014}

    19 pages: Art Journaling Matters ♥ Pattern-a-Day x 365 [by Anika Starmer of A is for Anika] ♥ The Noticing Journal, an Altered Book Project ♥ Fill in the Blank ♥ Words as {Text}ure ♥ Photographic Prompt ♥ Five (5) Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts ♥ Blogging Tips & Tactics for Creative People

    ZINE ISSUE #9 {October 2013}

    17 pages: Cut & Paste Therapy ♥ What is Your Creative Work-Style? ♥ Make Faux People ♥ Lifeline [by Amy Cowen of The Creative Mom Podcast ♥ Make a Yummy Journal Pie ♥ Layers: Unexpected Juxtapositions ♥ Five (5) Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts ♥ ㊹ Layer Ideas ♥ The Value of Imperfect Work


    ZINE ISSUE #8 {July 2013}

    issue #8

    15 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ Learning a New Medium ♥ When the Page Stops Talking to You {by mixed media artist Natasha White} ♥ Pattern Work-Out ♥ Feed Your Imagination ♥ Embrace Imperfection {by author Rabia Gale} ♥ 7 Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts ♥ Building a Collection of Ephemera and Papers for Collage and Art Journaling ♥ Blogging Topics for Creatives ♥


    issue #7 

    15 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ An Art Journal Page About How I Art Journal ♥ 9 Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts ♥ Rainbow Mapping {mixed media tutorial} ♥ Art Journal List Love ♥ The Path of the Page ♥ What Do You Want to Do? ♥ Creative Prompt: Flowers ♥ Get Out and Draw ♥ Don't Impress the World ♥


    issue #6

    18 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ Mix Your Mediums ♥ 7 Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts ♥ Mapping Creativity ♥ Maximum Red ♥ 11 Daily Creativity Prompts ♥ The Dilemma: What to Write ♥ A Mandala is Like a Snowflake ♥ Print + Color: Mandala ♥ Print + Color: Crazy Doodle ♥ Creative Prompt: Palace


    15 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ Getting it Right ♥ 11 Detailed Kick-Start Art Journal Prompts ♥ Fear Not the Blank Page ♥ Experience a Sense of Place (Silky Hart of Expressive Hart) ♥ Postcards: The Perfect Creative Outlet (Karen Isaacson of I am Rushmore) ♥ What Happens When You Stop Blogging (TJ Goerlitz of Studio Mailbox) ♥ A Sketch Prompt ♥ Be an Art Material Scientist ♥ Creativity - As Easy as Riding a Bike (Quinn McDonald of Quinn Creative) ♥ A Message from the Heart Department {Jeannine Peregrine of Distilled from Stars} ♥

    front page, issue #5


    12 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ Building Your Art Supply Stash {Sensibly} ♥ 14 Kick Start Art Journal {Prompts} ♥ The Year Ahead ♥ Just Start ♥ Unfinished Art Projects ♥ 20 Creative Ideas ♥ 

    front page, issue #4


    11 pages: ♥ The Art of Noticing ♥ A Food-Based Creative Prompt ♥ You Don’t Need a Reason ♥ Paint Chips ♥ 14 Kick Start Your Art Journal {Prompts} ♥ Create a Destination ♥ And it is Wonderful ♥

    front page, issue #3 


     8 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ Creativity 101 {3 creative assignments} ♥ 26 Reasons to Draw ♥ In The Beginning ♥ Creative Sparks {prompts} ♥ The Benefits of Creative Constraints ♥ Using Pockets of Time ♥ Artistic Style Evolution ♥

    front page, issue #2


    8 pages of Articles + Inspiration + Art: ♥ Rules for Art Journaling? ♥ Creative Sparks ♥ Using Stamps in Your Journal ♥ 42 Creative Things in 30 Min ♥ The Empty Page {Prompts} ♥ Finding the Time

    front page, issue #1

    All Zine content including the format, ideas, photography, artwork and imagery ©2011-2014 Tammy Garcia. Do not forward, distribute or photocopy any portion except for your personal use.

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