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Art journaling is an art form created with words, imagery, color + collage. You can keep an art journal without in-depth knowledge of composition or color theory or formal study of art. Art journaling is play, exploration & experimentation wrapped into one.

It's about doing an unstructured form of art in a bound journal, on loose paper, even a cardboard box. Even leather-bound planners with darling Miss Kitty stickers. The term art journaling means something different to each artist.

Art journaling is not all about the art. 

Journalists love to pull together collage elements, words & images on paper, whether that’s loose paper, a bound journal or even a cardboard cereal box. The goal is to do the work, follow the path, no matter where it winds up. When you open your art journal, you get to play like a little kid again, using paint, imagery, typography, and invisible pixie dust.

Art Journal by Tammy Garcia.

Art Journaling 101, an introduction to starting an art journal, the materials you'll need {i.e. paper, ink, adhesives, acrylic paint, collage ephemera} and tutorials. 

Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day Challenge, an annual creative challenge that runs June/July each year.

15+ Tips for Drawing Better Lines